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A mycelium leggings web is a part of the mycelium web armour set bought from the Merchant in the Polypore dungeon. It forms the basis of the various magic armours that can be made from drops in the dungeon. This list was created dynamically. For help, see the FAQ. To force an update of this...

The products use mycelium exclusively as a binding agent and can be formed into custom shapes or provided as flat boards. They are 100% natural fire-retardant and do not contain any toxic compounds. MOGU-Home products will soon be available on the market. Their 2019 catalog of acoustical and flooring products is HERE.
Fine Mycelium is a breakthrough in materials science and biotechnology, and a platform for new design possibilities. Our Products. Brown Natural. Brown Natural. Reishi Brown Natural is a signature Fine Mycelium material in a warm, golden finish and natural grain. Soft and full-bodied, this chrome-free material features Reishi's organic patina ...
    1. III. Spawn Running After spawning, comes spawn-run or the stage where the spawn or the mycelium is allowed to grow through the substrate. At this stage, the mushroom mycelium starts to produce enzymes that will further break down the macromolecules of the substrates and absorb simple molcules into the mycelium for further growth and development.…
    2. Making Mycelium: I am interested in bio materials that can return to the earth to support a circular economy. This project is the start of a larger project that will look at home made tools and products using waste food and bio materials to engage people to understa…
    3. Mycelium materials will biodegrade over time after their intended product life cycle in contrast to plastic-based materials that hang around for thousands of years. At Ecovative, we design, test and operate a variety of first-in-the-world custom incubation systems each tailored to a specific process and material output.
    4. The Mycelium Emporium Is The leading Online Store of the Highest Quality Mushroom Cultures on the Internet. We provide an Unparalleled Selection of the Very Best Quality products, an easy and comfortable shopping experience with Exceptional Customer Service.
    5. Available with low, wholesale prices, our wide selection of eco friendly packaging supplies includes bags made from recycled materials, molded fiber containers, and cushioning products. Our low price point makes it possible for individuals, and businesses of any size to enjoy eco friendly wholesale packaging easily.
    6. Then they spoke to several scientists in the West and started working on the idea of creating biodegradable packaging material. Mycelium, a vegetative part of mushroom, will act as a glue. It will ...
    7. As Chilton explains, medicinal mushrooms and medicinal mushroom extracts contain consistently high levels of beta-glucans—on average, they contain 30 to 40 percent of beta-glucans. By contrast, mycelium grown on grain has consistently low levels, typically 5 to 7 percent (but sometimes as little as zero).
    8. Materials Expectations are Greater Than Ever Before. There’s intense pressure for OEMs and manufacturers to innovate and deliver capabilities that just aren’t possible with today’s materials solutions. Markets are reaching their tipping points and demand new levels of performance, safety, or even environmental requirements.
    9. Mushroom leather is a vegan-friendly material used as a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to animal leather. Mushroom leather is made from mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus. A fungus (or fungi - plural) is any member of the group of eukaryotic organisms. Eukaryotic organisms include microorganisms such as moulds and ...
    Mushroom bag clamps (8" length) Vinyl tubing for bag clamps. Sterile alcohol swabs. Powder-free vinyl exam gloves. Casing mixture is an optional addition to any size kit and is separated in to 5 lb. bags. These kits are to be used to grow you favorite mushrooms. Not all types of mushrooms can be grown with these kits.
We produce in 1kg & 3kg bags which are made-to-order to ensure the mycelium is at the very peak of it's growth potential. Sawdust Spawn is often called Substrate Spawn, as this is spawn that is used in the final stage of growing to inoculate other wood based materials like logs and woodchip, and also cereal straw and spent coffee grounds.

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Growing magic mushrooms the traditional way comes with challenges - especially for people who've never done it before. While growing the common Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms can be fairly simple, fruiting the mushrooms (growing the actual sprouting mushroom bodies that contain psilocybin) is a more involved part of the mushroom growing process. It requires frequent attention, a fruiting ...

The mushroom-based material - a mycelium biocomposite - has similar properties to polystyrene, a common material used in packaging and building insulation. Like polystyrene, the material is lightweight, reasonably strong, and has high thermal resistance. Unlike, polystyrene, the mycelium blend is biodegradable.Mylo is a leather-like material created from mycelium - an ecological connective tissue that at the heart, is found within fungi. The infinitely renewable source is found sprawling within soil, through plant bodies, and along river beds to break down organic matter and provide nutrients to plants and trees.

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