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There are like 700 dsiware games . Top. ericbazinga Posts: 1125 Joined: Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:46 pm Location: Somewhere in VRchat. Re: DSiWare. Post by ericbazinga » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:13 pm

From what I understand, nkit.gcz is a "lossy" format for storing Wii games. By using the NKIT 1.4 converter, I know I can convert into an iso file, but will that iso file also be lossy, or is the game restored back to its complete original form? Just curious if sound and graphics quality get impacted at all during the conversion process.
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    1. Only Nintendo DSiWare can be moved to an SD Card and back, but it's not possible to launch a Nintendo DSiWare title from the SD Card itself. To move a Nintendo DSiWare title/s, access the System Settings option of your Nintendo 3DS system and select Data Management. Tap the Nintendo DSiWare icon and follow the instructions on the screen.
    2. Extra considerations: Ripping Game Watch DSi Collection Soundfont Help us by donating! Musical Artifacts is an open source web app helping musicians to find, share and preserve the artifacts they use for producing their music.
    3. Digimon World 2 is the best in the entire series. Although DW3 has it's upsides, DW2 is just a lot more RPG-like and very very time and thought consuming, in a good way. I have about 200 hours of ...
    4. Let's hear it for DSiWare, folks. After the Animal Crossing applications debacle two weeks ago--when the weekly DSiWare release consisted of a calculator and a clock--Nintendo has a two-week streak going of putting actual video games on the new DS download service.Last week it was soccer, and this week it's the latest Art Style game, PiCTOBiTS--which, as far as I'm concerned, looks like the ...
    5. Your one stop shop for all your 3DS QR code needs.
    6. Akito Takahashi joined Q-Games in April 2006, where he's helped develop such titles as Nintendo's Star Fox Command (DS), Starship Defense (DSiWare), X-Scape (DSiWare), and Star Fox 64 3D (3DS). He's also worked as a game designer on the PixelJunk series, including PixelJunk™ Monsters Deluxe and the Facebook version of PixelJunk ...
    7. A complete list of Nintendo published video games: Main article: List of Nintendo-related arcade games Color TV Game 6 - 1977 Color TV Game 15 - 1978 Color TV Racing 112 - 1978 Color TV Block Kusure - 1979 Computer TV Game - 1980 Ball - 1980 Flagman - 1980 Vermin - 1980 Fire - 1980 Judge - 1980 Manhole - 1981 Helmet - 1981 Lion - 1981 Parachute - 1981 Octopus - 1981 Popeye - 1981 Chef - 1981 ...
    8. Nintendo recently announced that Legend of Zelda: Four Swords will be released for free via DSiWare. It'll be playable on the Nintendo DSi/XL and 3DS. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords was included in a couple of Zelda games but the one in question is the GBA version. There's no clear info yet if the game will be a total port or if any revisions ...
    9. 2010 games and expansions scoring at least 90/100 (MC) or 90% (GR) Game Publisher Release Date Platform MC score GR score Super Mario Galaxy 2: Nintendo: May 23, 2010 Wii: 97/100 97.35% Mass Effect 2: Electronic Arts: January 26, 2010 Xbox 360: 96/100 95.77% Red Dead Redemption: Rockstar Games: May 18, 2010 PlayStation 3: 95/100 94.66% Red Dead ...
    See full list on linkcablegaming.com
Run Nintendo DS(i) game backups or ROM hacks from your DSi SD card without the need of a flashcard Launch any DSiWare (out-of-region and/or 3DS exclusives) from your SD card Boot into DSiWare and homebrew applications by holding specific buttons when turning on your Nintendo DSi

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I've run nds games fine, and they are in the dsiware folder not the nds folder. Is there another piece of emulation software that I'm missing? Reviewer: SwinyxD - favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 1, 2021 Subject: Help

Starship Patrol (Was 500 Points) - While Q-Games this generation are probably best known for their PixelJunk Playstation Network games, they've also done three titles for Nintendo's DSiWare service, all of which feature on this list. Starship Patrol is a tower defence game, it's set in space but the the unique art style certainly doesn ...

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